Installing a commercial horse rug washing machine


What will you need?


Your new machine is a big investment and we recommend its professionally installed. We offer a nationwide delivery and installation service with full training, However not everyone take that option.

All our deliveries are with a tail-lift


Commercial machines range from 170kg to 275kg depending on the size and model and can only be moved on a pallet truck. Positioning will be a two man job.


Electric Supply

Many Customers are put off from buying horse rug washing machines as they think a 3 phase electricity supply is required. This is not the case most new machines can run from single 240 volts domestic supply.


Ideally a commercial machine should have both hot and cold water at a pressure of 25 psi..however most stable yard locations never do. Cold only fill will increase cycle times.

Fixing a steel plinth to a concrete base


Commercial washing machines often need to be raised above floor level in order to gain adequate fall to the drain, this can be achieved by laying a concrete plinth or by using a fabricated metal raising plinths designed for the equipment. (we supply for all machines)

Commercial washing machine installed in a out building


Most Equine dryers we supply are LPG gas and should only be fitted by a ACS (Gas Safe) Engineer with LPG element.

Full installations sheet are available from our sales office free of charge to anyone, feel free to drop us a line or send a message below.


Equestrian washer and dryer ready to go